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Hardwood Flooring in Eau Claire, WI

Hardwood flooring is tough to top when it comes to natural beauty and adding enduring value to your property. At Wall to Wall Carpet One Floor & Home of Eau Claire, WI, we have the most expansive hardwood flooring inventory around, and all the best hardwood brands. We know when it comes to your home, you should never settle for less, so let’s work together to find the finest hardwood floors for your style, lifestyle, and budget.



Is There Hardwood Flooring In My Favorite Style?

Today, it’s easy to find hardwood flooring options for any type of style or setting.


Some hardwood flooring styles are:


Browse hardwood planks of varying widths and lengths, decked out in a full range of shades, stains, and finishes. You can use our Room Visualizer tool to preview different hardwood colors and styles in your space.



Which Types of Wood Are Used In Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood flooring varieties are as varied as the trees in the forest, with flooring made from both traditional and exotic species.


Hardwood flooring types include:

One general rule of thumb is that each hardwood species has its own unique traits and performance capabilities. Choose a harder species of wood, such as bamboo, for spaces subject to more frequent or heavy activity.



Is Engineered Hardwood Really “Wood?”

Yes, solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring look and feel alike same, but there are some particularly important differences to consider.



Where Can I Install A Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood flooring performs best in climate controlled, low-moisture areas. Unless you’re working with a waterproof hardwood like our Hydrotek™ H20 collection, avoid hardwood flooring in kitchen and bathrooms. Constant moisture will cause your planks to swell or warp over the years. Engineered hardwood offers up a greater level of flexibility as it works great in finished basements and other areas previously off-limits to hardwood flooring.



Schedule Your Hardwood Installation

Our team of flooring experts can not only help you choose the best hardwood, but they can also guide you through the installation process. No matter your needs, we’ll collaborate with you every step of the way. The first steps we take when installing your new hardwood floors is removing the old flooring and prepping your subfloors. We make sure your subfloor is dry and free of imperfections. A wet subfloor can lead to damage for your new hardwood floors.



Browse Our Hardwood Flooring Selection

Wall to Wall Carpet One Floor & Home is a proud member of the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative, and with our incredible purchasing power, fair pricing, and localized services, we’re the ones you can count on when it’s time to take on the hardwood floor of your dreams. To learn more about our hardwood flooring options, visit our showroom today, or browse our selection online.




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How to Clean Hardwood Floors

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Cleaning your hardwood floor takes a fair degree of dedication, including paying attention to the products you use on your new floor.