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Carpet Tile

Carpet Tile


If you are in the market for a new carpet for your home or business all of the different options may overwhelm you. The experts at Wall to Wall Carpet One Floor & Home are here to help make sense of your options and help you find the best carpet for your home or office. One type of carpet option we offer is carpet tile. What is carpet tile you may ask? Also known as carpet squares or modular carpet, carpet tiles are squares cut from wall to wall rolls that can be fitted together to covering a flooring surface. 



Carpet tiles can be used instead of traditional wall to wall carpet in almost any situation that does not require unique customization and offer easy installation and maintenance, longevity and the same qualities as wall to wall for creating a healthy, comfortable indoor environment. Since they are smaller, carpet tiles are easier to lift up, move, and install compared to broadloom carpet. They also result in considerably less waste during installation because less cutting is needed. Carpet tiles offer significant savings in time and cost compared to broadloom carpet – making carpet tiles an ideal choice for projects on a tight budget or tight timeline.



Not only are carpet tiles incredibly easy to install, they are also easy to replace. If something damages them or they become stained, the tiles can be readily replaced individually instead of replacing your entire floor. Another advantage is that since the carpet tiles are easy to lift up, they make maintenance easier in commercial spaces. Compared to most wall to wall carpet, carpet tiles will give you more design flexibility. This can be beneficial to commercial spaces in the sense that it allows you to have fluid control over the look of your space. It’s possible to achieve perfect design registration across all edges of each tile, so a design flows almost seamlessly from tile to tile.



If you are interested in carpet tiles for your home or office, be sure to stop by our showroom or give us a call to get some advice from our flooring professionals.



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