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Just as our name implies, we have you and your home covered from wall to wall. Vinyl plank flooring is becoming the new popular alternative to hardwood flooring. At Wall to Wall Carpet One Floor & Home in Eau Claire, we are your local neighborhood experts when it comes to flooring. Hardwood has a lot of characteristics homeowners want but cannot always have. That is why the luxury vinyl industry came out with planks that can do more than hardwood ever could.

What Are Luxury Vinyl Planks?

As mentioned before, luxury vinyl planks are the new alternative to hardwood flooring. Their construction is pretty simple, the planks are made up of multiple layers that all play an important role. The wear later is where the planks get their durability, depending how thick this later is determines how durable the floor is. The core is where the planks get their stability; there are even some cores that are made to be waterproof like Invincible H2O. The bottom layer is what protects the floor from the subfloor as well as provides some sound absorption and gives the planks that cushioned feel.

Luxury vinyl planks can be made to look and feel exactly like hardwood floors due to advances in technology. The image layer, which is protected by the wear layer, is how the planks get their looks. A digitally printed high definition image can replicate all the same details as a wood plank.

The benefits of choosing luxury vinyl planks over hardwood are what make it such a popular alternative. Unlike hardwood, luxury vinyl planks do not warp or crack due to changes in weather or moisture. You can install them in just about every room of your home including mudrooms, bedrooms, and finished basements. Luxury vinyl planks are easier to install than hardwood floors, and are a breeze to clean and maintain.

Invincible H2O waterproof flooring

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